Our pupils consistently achieve significantly above the national average in all subjects in the GLS National Progress tests.

We use the GLS National Progress through English tests year-on-year which provides a reliable test of children’s attainment in the core English skills: phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension. We also use the GLS National Progress through Maths tests which assess aspects of mathematical skill and knowledge, together with the key process skills of fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Our timetable and high quality teaching means that pupils are correctly stretched when they need to be, and able to step back, relax and reflect on what they’ve learned too.  We strive to instil a life-long love of learning in every child so that they want to learn for learning’s sake and not only to achieve academic success.

Our pupils are frequently awarded scholarships – academic, sporting and musical – to local well-regarded senior schools.

Outstanding academic results

2017 destinations, exam results and awards


Alton Convent: 1 Academic Scholarship to St Swithun’s

3 Academic Scholarships to Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School Maths Award

Portsmouth Grammar School Foundation Exhibition

Portsmouth Grammar School English Award

3 Portsmouth Grammar Foundation Scholarships

2 Academic Scholarships to Churcher’s College

Academic Scholarship to Meon Cross

2 Academic Scholarships to St. John’s College

Art Scholarship to Alton Convent

Sport’s Scholarship to Frensham Heights


Churcher’s College: 16
Frensham Heights 3
Highfield: 1
Meon Cross: 1
Portsmouth Grammar School: 12
Portsmouth High School: 7
St. John’s College: 11
St Swithun’s: 2
Twyford: 1
West Hill: 1
The Petersfield School: 7
Chichester Free School: 1


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School Inspection Report

Jan 2016

Overall, pupils’ academic achievement is outstanding.  All pupils, including those with special educational needs, make excellent progress and achieve high standards. They do well in entrance examinations.  This success is due in large part to the fact that pupils are exceptionally good learners as a result of high quality teaching and a very interesting curriculum.