Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

From every pore of the school and grounds, Kingscourt exudes a special kind of energy, enthusiasm and excitement.  It’s a place where everyone still believes in the values of a magical childhood: leaf hunts, blackberry picking, games that get you muddy and wet, dens in secret gardens, growing strawberries, trading fir cones, marquees on the lawn, garden concerts, old fashioned Christmas parties and carol services in an ancient Saxon church.

The busy timetable is integrated with modern technology and enhanced by a wide plethora of clubs, sport and a dynamic trip schedule which includes Paris, Rome, London, museums, West End shows, residential activity weeks and ski trips.  Kingscourt offers the widest possible range of extracurricular activities designed to capture the interest of every child, offer opportunities, release potential and develop the individual.

Kingscourt staff are proud of where they work, happy to work hard and always offer dazzling customer service embracing every opportunity to help the people who entrust their children to us.  Kingscourt children are kind, confident, resilient, proud of their school, happy to have a go and enjoy a great work ethic.  Kingscourt parents are supportive, encouraging and vocal.

Headteacher, Mr Jamie Lewis

023 92 593251