Kingscourt School provides an outstanding quality of education.

– School Inspection Service

Following a thorough inspection by the School Inspection Service in January 2016, we were delighted with their report.

School Inspection Service, January 2016

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  • Pupils’ academic achievement is outstanding.
  • All pupils make excellent progress and achieve high standards.
  • They do well in entrance examinations and almost all are successful in going on to the secondary schools of their choice.
  • Teachers are deeply committed to the success of their pupils.
  • The curriculum is broad, with lots of different things to learn.
  • A very strong feature of the school is the numerous clubs, trips to interesting places and visitors who come to the school to talk to the pupils.
  • Pupils’ personal development is outstanding.
  • They develop in self-confidence and become increasingly understanding of themselves and others.
  • They get on well with each other and are polite to adults.
  • Their behaviour and attendance are excellent.
  • They are increasingly aware of concepts such as democracy and the reasons why it is valued and have a strong understanding of different cultures.
  • The school’s procedures and actions to safeguard pupils and minimise risk are outstanding so that pupils feel safe at school.
  • The school’s leadership, management and governance are outstanding.
  • In the Early Years Foundation Stage, leaders and managers have high expectations so that children make rapid and consistent progress in a range of skills.
  • Children are well prepared for moving on to Key Stage 1.
  • Staff take great care to ensure that the EYFS environment in which the children are working is safe.

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