Ahoy There! Pinafore Pirates a Swashbuckling Success

Pinafore Pirates Play at Kingscourt School

Kingscourt’s Y4 and Y5 classes saw the results of their rehearsal schedule bear fruit on Friday night as they performed the swashbuckling favourite, ‘Pinafore Pirates’ to a packed audience of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.

The play centres around Daisy who, with the help of Iolanthe, the Fairy Queen and Princess Ida, attempts to thwart the plans of an outrageous band of female brigands, the ‘Pinafore Pirates’.

Enlisting aid from The Mikado, The Sorcerer, The Duke of Plaza-Toro, Admiral Sir Joseph Parker and Major General Stanley, Daisy ultimately saves the day after a lot of adventures on the way.

Drama teacher Derren Marshall said, “I was very pleased with the whole cast who dealt with the fast pace of the play with aplomb.  They all worked very hard to make sure the comic timing was kept to a good pace and I think the audience enjoyed the results of their hard work.


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