A Colourful Performance from Y4 and Y5

Colourful Performance from Year 4 & 5 at Kingscourt

A Colourful Performance from Y4 and Y5

A packed audience at Barton Hall was treated to a fantastically vibrant performance of ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Thieves’ on Friday evening.  The large cast of Y4 and Y5 pupils took to the stage with enthusiasm and vigour as they threw themselves into the whirlwind tale of Ali Baba and his bid to resucue a princess, find the missing ruby and foil the evil Vizier and his monkey sidekick Booboo.

Y5’s Scarlett Smith and Finn Glazebrook told us how they got on. Finn said, “It was a brilliant evening and the audience were fantastic but I was so glad we’d rehearsed well as there was so much to remember in terms of props, cues and lines!”

Scarlett added, “The dances and songs were incredibly catchy so they really stuck in our heads and we were so pleased at how the audience laughed in all the right places!”

Kingscourt’s Headteacher Jacky Easton said, “We were very pleased with how well the children worked together to bring us such an incredible performance. We feel that drama benefits all children and getting the chance to perform in an ensemble is always worthwhile.”


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