Kingscourt Spoken English Final

Spoken English Final at Kingscourt

Spoken English Final Takes Place

Kingscourt School and parents of the Spoken English finalists got together this morning to enjoy a very entertaining hour of recitations and carefully prepared short talks as pupils vied for first, second and third place in their year group.

The Spoken English competition is open to all Prep aged children who take part in heats within their own classrooms, the top three going through to the final. Headteacher Jamie Lewis said, “Everyone who appears in front of the school and parents is already a winner. They’ve had to impress a judge already and have obviously put in a lot of work to get to the final.”

Year 3 children have the task of memorising and interpreting a poem from a small choice of pieces, Year 4 add to that by also reading a short piece of prose. Year 5 give a short talk on their favourite hobby and Year 6 have to research and present a persuasive or informative talk on their favourite charity.

Judges, Derren Marshall and Dawn Sharpe are given the hard task of marking each candidate before announcing the first, second and third places.

Each year, one contestant is awarded with the Pearey Cup which is given to a child who has shown a little extra interpretive ability on the day.

This year’s Pearey Cup winner was Max Faulkner (Y6L) who gave an inspiring talk on the Stroke Association.

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