Kingscourt Staff Learn about Building Resilience

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Kingscourt staff enjoyed a very insightful and informative INSET day’s training session this week with child adolescent and family counsellor and psychotherapist, Julie Johnson. Julie visits many schools in London and the South East talking to parents, children and staff about a wide range of topics including how to build resilience.

Julie explained exactly what resilience, a common new buzzword in education, means, “Resilience is the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, threats or significant experiences of stress.  It enables children and young people, as well as adults, to manage the reality of stress, feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.  It doesn’t mean that they won’t experience difficulties or distress in their lives, but they will be better able to process and manage them if they have learned how to be resilient.”

During her fascinating workshop, Julie explained how to switch off negative thoughts, how to reframe past experiences and set new goals.  She compared the Growth Mindset with the Fixed Mindset and explained how the latter is a barrier to personal growth and touched on mindfulness which, when done well, can help build resilience by taking away the physical symptoms of stress and asking the person to think outwardly at the bigger picture.

Organiser, Deputy Head Jamie Lewis said, “Character education is an important part of the Cognita Schools’ curriculum and here at Kingscourt we think that this is essential work.  We want to educate our pupils in how to strengthen their resilience so that they get the most out of their education, not only here, but when they’ve left us and go on to senior and further education. This INSET day delivered to all staff the groundwork for them to, in turn,  begin to roll out the lessons learned throughout the Kingscourt community.”

Reading suggestions made by Julie Johnson include:

Barbara Frederickson – Positivity

Al Siebert – The Survivor Personality

Martin Seligman – Flourish

Julie Johnson – Wellbeing

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