Penguin Post Pays Off for Y1

Year 1 child holding Penguin Post Card

Last year’s Reception Class (now Year 1) here at Kingscourt School took part in a project run by The project invited children to draw postcards of penguins and send them to a research team studying penguins in the Cape Royds penguin breeding colony in Cape Royds, Antarctica.

The team based for long months in the snowy wastes at the bottom of the world would enjoy looking at the drawings and then return them complete with colourful penguin stamps, festive stickers and the all-important hard to come by postmark from Antarctica.

Their class teacher, Amanda Bembridge duly posted the children’s colourful penguin pictures early this year and waited… and waited…to see what would happen.  Mrs Bembridge said today, “I had all but given up any hope of our package even arriving in Antarctica let alone being seen by anyone but over half term an email dropped into my inbox telling me that a whole ten months after posting, our postcards had made it to the research team thousands of miles away from school.

“Amazingly, I then received a package this week containing the children’s postcards all duly stamped and franked with the research centre’s official mark which had travelled back considerably quicker than mine had taken, in less than a month via the United States Air Force.”

“The children were very excited to receive their very special post”

Y1 pupil Charlotte Trowbridge said, “It made me so happy when I got my postcard because it has come from such a long way away.”

Classmate Joseph Brighton agrees, “I’m going to put mine up on my wall because it’s such a special piece of post with a US Air Force post mark!”

Amanda Bembridge added, “The children have learned not only that there are scientists living in Antarctica who are concerned with penguin conservation, but also the merits of being patient in this ever-increasingly fast paced world.”


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