Reception Learn How to Relax

Reception Learns How To Relax

We welcomed Debbie Pickering from Relax Kids into Reception this morning.  Debbie lead the class in a seven step process towards relaxation, mindfulness and positive affirmation.

The children have been following the topic, ‘Magical Me’, so the session was designed to reflect this.  The steps included playing, stretching, moving, massage, breathing, potion making and finished with a special story all about a magical wizard.

Firstly the class warmed up before playing a game designed to help them focus.  Next they worked in pairs to mirror each other before transforming into Magical Moons and Shining Stars built around breathing techniques and improving flexibility.

Sitting in a circle, they were asked to think about a magic potion and what would be in it.  Class teacher, Amanda Bembridge said, “They came up with some amazing things such as kindness, hugs, smiling and friendship.”

Next the class were shown how to do a power point hand massage on themselves focusing on a particular area in the centre of their palm which, when massaged, leads to feelings of calm.

After sharing their positive affirmations about themselves, the children then lay down and relaxed deeply whilst listening to the story.

Relax Kids practitioner Debbie said, “Given their tender years, the children were very open to all of the new techniques shown to them.  They entered into the process with great enthusiasm, I was very impressed.”


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