Reindeer visitors kick off Christmas at Kingscourt

Reindeer Visitors at Kingscourt

We started our Christmas week, the last week of term this afternoon by inviting parents to join their children in meeting some very special visitors.

Miss Claus and her elf friend brought along two reindeer, Christmas and Glitter to the playground.  Each class from Kindergarten to Year 6 were able to come and visit the animals as well as feed them lichen and ask questions.  The children also took the chance to sit in the special sleigh and to have their photographs taken.

Parents joined each class and also enjoyed mince pies, Christmas tree biscuits and some of our catering manager’s lovely Christmas cake.

Year 6 pupil, Charlotta Jordan said, “It was wonderful to see the reindeer here at school and even nicer to see how entranced the younger children were by them.”


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