Our good quality, hard-wearing uniform can be easily purchased online from our suppliers Perrys.  Items can be easily returned and their uniform specialists spend several days in school allowing parents particularly those whose children are about to join Reception, to make individual fitting appointments.

In Kindergarten children wear a comfortable purple school tracksuit with their first name embroidered on the front, a purple school apron, a navy waterproof macintosh and navy waterproof trousers (which you can buy from our uniform suppliers) and wellies of your choice.

School Uniform

From Reception all children need the following uniform…



Black fleece jacketBlack fleece jacket
Green sweatshirtGreen sweatshirt
White polo T shirtWhite polo T shirt
Purple kilt Black cord shorts
Purple tights/white socks Purple knee socks or short black socks in summer
School hat School cap
Blazer Blazer
Black leather shoes (not patent) Black leather shoes
School bag School bag
School apron School apron
Purple t shirt Purple t shirt
Black shortsBlack shorts
Football bootsFootball boots
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