Early Morning Session, Larks


Children are supervised whilst they get ready for the day as well as relaxing with children from across the year groups.  Activities are available and many children like to settle down with a good book.

After School Club, Owls


Owls has its own dedicated area filled with toys, books, games and friends to play with as well as a private garden. You can pre-book a hot or cold tea for them either by the day or as a block booking.

Homework Club


Homework Club is for children in Year 3 to Year 6.  It allows children who may find it difficult to focus at home, to complete their homework under the supervision of a teacher.

If your Prep aged child is staying after school, they either go straight into Homework Club and then on to Owls until you can collect them, or, if they’re younger and in Pre-Prep, they go straight to Owls after school has finished where they can have tea and play until you pick them up.

Both After School provisions are charged at £5.14 per hour (or part of an hour).

Teas can be booked via office@kingscourt.org.uk