Two Teams Take Part in Star Wars Science Day

Star Wars Science Day

A Y5 and Y6 team travelled to St John’s College Southsea late last week to take part in a Star Wars Science Day for primary schools. Competing against 9 other teams Kingscourt’s Y6 team – The Phoenixes – and Y5 team – The Death Troopers had to nominate a captain, operator and coder and then programme their robots to work their way around a rectangular course picking up points on the way.

Y6 pupil Hannah Newton said, “It was great fun but also pretty stressful. We had to compete against the other teams and there was a time limit.  In our team we decided to do the programming, then test it, then try it out and then test it again if it went wrong.  We got  60 points on our first attempt, then we worked out that sometimes even if you’d coded correctly the angles weren’t quite working, so the second time we were more precise and got 90 points which we were very pleased with.  Finally we got 80 points on our last attempt.”

“It was great fun working in a team but you could probably see the steam coming from our ears at times!”  The Phoenixes were made up of captain, Isabel Cassidy, coder, Dominic Davies and Hannah as operator.

Y5’s Guy Banning was the coder in his team which was also made up of Vincent Yik (operator) and Samuel Raybold (captain) – Guy said, “Our team was pretty even handed.  We got 70 and 70 points on our first two attempts then ended up with 80 points.  It was kind of trial and error as we worked out how to get the best out of our robot but it was really good fun!”

Ultimately, the Y6 team came 4th out of 11 and the Y5 team, 5th.

At the end of the competition, children from primary schools across the area were able to play with inflatable Star Wars characters.


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