Time Well Spent – Art Club work together

Art Club at Kingscourt

Our Y5/Y6 Art Club meet on a Monday evening after school.  The popular club works on art projects designed to allow children who love the subject, the chance to explore their imagination and application using varying art techniques.

Recently the group completed pictures of cuckoo clocks.  Y6E’s Maia Reid explains, “First of all, we had to make a repeating pattern of Roman numerals on our backing paper using metallic pens. This was fiddly and you had to have a steady hand but looked amazing on the black paper.  Next using special scissors, you had to cut out patterned paper to weave into the shape of the clock itself.  Then we made the pendulums out of string and lovely silver beads and bells.  Finally we had to make the doors, the clock face and the cuckoo itself. I’m really pleased with the way mine has turned out and can’t wait to take it home and have it on my wall somewhere.”

Currently the only boy member of Art Club, Ben Trippick said, “I think all of the clocks put together makes a striking composite image.  We love to work on our art on a Monday after school. It’s so relaxing and great fun too.”

Y5 members, Isabel and Izzie agreed.  Izzie said, “You can take the time to let your imagination run freely. I always look forward to going to Art Club.”

The group has a choice for their next project: a pastel winter scene, a tissue paper Christmas tree, an animal drawing, or an owl in a tree.


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