Y1 Talk Penguin Post on BBC Radio Solent

Year 1 Talk Penguin Post on BBC Radio Solent

Kingscourt’s Year 1 class were thrilled to welcome BBC Radio Solent reporter, Neil Sackley into class this morning as he wanted to find out more about their penguin postcard project.

Just after Christmas 2016, the children, who were then in Reception, sent postcards to the Cape Royds penguin breeding colony in Antarctica, in the hope that they would get a stamped reply from the scientists there.

Hopes began to wane after they waiting ten long months with no reply but a package arrived in late November 2017 complete with colourful penguin stamps, festive stickers and emblazoned with the highly sought-after postmark from the bottom of the world.  Reception teacher, Amanda Bembridge was also shocked at the time. She told Neil Sackley this morning, “I had all but given up hope our package ever arriving let alone being seen by anyone.  I had shown the children on the globe where Antarctica is, we’d spoken about different methods of communication and how, not too long ago, the post was the only way to send messages and pictures.”

“We were all thrilled when the package arrived at school – the children were very excited to receive their special post.”

The children sent their postcards to Antarctica as part of the www.penguinscience.com project in which scientists spend several months in the snowy wastes recording the migrating and breeding patterns of the creatures.

The package, which had taken so many months to get to the scientists, returned to Kingscourt in just six weeks thanks to the United States Air Force flying it back to the US mainland.

Year 1 children told Mr Sackley how pleased they were to realise how far their post had travelled and how much they had learned about penguins, the environment and that there are scientists living in such inhospitable landscapes to ensure the continuation of the bird species.”


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