Y3 Join Together to Make a ‘Splash’!

Year 3 Join Together To Make a 'Splash'

Weeks of rehearsal culminated in the performance of Y3’s Spring Term play, ‘Splash’ on Friday 10th February.

The play is a comedy musical based on the Bible story, Noah’s Ark.  Preston Parrot is on a mission to save his animal friends from the greatest flood in history but when no-one believes him, he resorts to a little deception by arranging a cruise on board ‘The Ark’.  The ship is crewed by some colourful characters including ballroom dancing giraffes, loopy lemmings, a band of brutal pi-rats and a love-sick French cat.

The journey is full of surprises including a rock and roll party, a kidnap, a storm and a dramatic rescue.

Y3 teacher Helen Carroll said, “Everyone really rose to the occasion and played their parts beautifully. They were clear, enthusiastic and sang and danced very well. We were all proud of them.”

“The audience were fantastic, giving the children excellent support and they seemed to enjoy the play enormously.”

Thank you for going along to provide the classes with such warm encouragement.


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