Prep Years 3 & 4

aged 7-9 years

Year 3 is the first year of our Prep Department.  We manage the transition very carefully for both parents and children as pupils are asked to become still more independent in their personal development.  The day becomes very slightly longer meaning lessons are longer too.  Classroom work becomes more focussed  and children are encouraged  to refine their handwriting  by using a fountain pen.

In Year 4 lessons become more specialised and the curriculum is more challenging  as children begin to move between teachers and classrooms in preparation for their last years here at Kingscourt.

Prep Year 5

aged 9-10 years

Once our pupils are in Year 5 they are asked to take on more responsibilities within the school community.  They often represent the school in the sporting arena and can enjoy some of the benefits of reaching their penultimate year with us.  Academically, this year is spent in preparation for senior school examinations; children are introduced to Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning for instance  which are subjects tested in those examinations.

Prep Year 6

aged 10-11 years

Our pupils’ last year with us is a magical one. Being the eldest in the school family brings many freedoms as well as increased responsibility. They are encouraged to apply for various roles – prefects, house and sports captains, ambassadors and mentors – for which they are interviewed. Year 6 is one of transition. By February they know which senior school they will be going to so we work hard to prepare them for that transition meaning they leave us as confident, robust, well rounded individuals taking with them fond memories of their time spent at Kingscourt.

SIS report

January 2016

The pastoral support the pupils receive at transition periods between key stages enables them to maintain their self-confidence. As a result, pupils talk confidently and happily of what the future holds.

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