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Growing minds, building futures

Our Prep curriculum is varied, preparing our children to leave us as confident, robust, well-rounded individuals taking with them fond memories of their time spent at Kingscourt.

The Prep stage of a Kingscourt education is to offer increased opportunities for specialist teaching whilst maintaining the essential core English and Maths skills.

Our timetable includes Science, Drama, Music and Spanish alongside Computing, Art and PSHE as part of their weekly timetables. You may be familiar with this age group being referred to as Key Stage 2.

Kingscourt Prep School is awarded the highest possible grade: double EXCELLENT in recent ISI Inspection 2023.

Lower Prep

Years 3 & 4

Year 3 is the first year of our Prep Department. The transition is carefully managed for both parents and children as pupils are expected to demonstrate an increased level of personal responsibility and the school day is slightly longer.

Moving into Year 3 is one of the most exciting transitions of school life at Kingscourt, during which the children reach several important milestones.

Pupils are given their own laptop which they are taught to use responsibility and effectively to enhance their learning. As the children get used to using the devices on a regular basis, they quickly become technologically proficient and confident, equipping them with essential tech skills for the future.

In Year 3 and 4, children continue to apply pen to paper and as their handwriting becomes more refined, they are are encouraged to use a fountain pen.

Specialist teaching continues in Spanish, P.E., Science, and Music, and the children become increasingly confident in moving between different classes for these lessons.

Year 3 and 4 enjoy Sports fixtures together on Thursday afternoons and are often cited as a highlight of the week by the children during end of week celebration assemblies.

One of the most memorable moments of Lower Prep for the children is the embarkation on their first memorable residential school trip, which involves two nights away from home.

Upper Prep

Years 5 & 6

Once our pupils reach Year 5 they have become more confident and able to take on new responsibilities within the school community.

They often represent the school in the sporting arena and are able to enjoy some of the benefits of reaching their penultimate year with us. Children of this age are more able to focus their attention for longer periods of time and we make sure they organise themselves and their schedules more frequently in preparation for their transition to senior school. Academically, the year is spent in preparation for senior school examinations and children are introduced to Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning which are subjects tested in those examinations.

Our pupils’ last year with us here at Kingscourt is a magical one. Being the eldest in the school family brings many freedoms but also increased responsibility.

Children are encouraged to apply for certain roles – prefects, house captains, ambassadors, mentors or sporting captains – for which they are interviewed. A leadership team is also appointed each term and these children are given the chance to interact with younger children, parents and visitors.

Year 6 is one of transition. By February, our 11 year olds know which senior school they will attend in September and so we work hard with each one to prepare them for that transition; this means they leave us as confident, robust, well rounded individuals ready and eager to take on their new challenges but taking with them fond memories of their early years at Kingscourt.

Continuing the commitment to adventure at Kingscourt, both Year 5 and 6 enjoy fantastic residential trips, spending 3 and 4 nights, respectively, away from home.

Year 5 is 3 nights away and Year 6 is 4 nights away.

Whilst these trips are enormously fun, they provide excellent opportunities for children to develop resilience and responsibility, both essential values for the future.

Pupils show excellent attitudes to learning, encouraged by committed staff who reinforce a productive ethos and positive can-do approach.

– ISI Inspection Report 2023

11+ Preparation

Our 11+ preparation programme is well established to meet the challenges of 11+ entrance examinations

The preparation towards 11+ at Kingscourt Prep is not limited to 2 year cramming, but scaffolded from Year 1, placing our knowledge of each individual child and family at the heart of the process, and reducing the need for stress, supporting well-being.

The children are taught to use and apply their knowledge in both exam papers and interviews and their exam technique has been developed throughout their time in our Prep school so that they feel confident and well prepared.


A dynamic programme of extra-curricular activities to broaden experiences

An exceptional education is of course one of the key things that makes Kingscourt such a great place for your child to go to school but there is much more to Kingscourt.

Our extensive extra curricular programme contributes to personal development and most importantly enjoyment.

Discover the limitless possibilities awaiting your child at Kingscourt, where they can thrive academically, personally, and socially through our exceptional education and enriching extra-curricular activities.

Embark on a journey of educational excellence

At Kingscourt, we go above and beyond to provide an outstanding educational journey. Discover the unparalleled opportunities and academic excellence that await your child.


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