Whether you know it as preschool, nursery or kindergarten, the search for a place of care for your three or four year old child can be fuelled by more questions than answers. Here at Kingscourt School, we refer to this key stage as nursery and it is where we welcome children from age three to start their educational journey with us. To help you in your search for the right place for your child, we’ve rounded up some key points for you to observe when making the decision.


What will your child be learning whilst at nursery? Try and understand exactly what the nursery focuses on teaching the children in their care and how they structure the day.

At the private nursery here at Kingscourt, we base learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to five years old. Below we have also highlighted what lessons look like for our youngest pupils:

  • Learning through nature – delivered by our Outdoor learning teacher
  • Jolly Jingles – delivered by our music teacher
  • Music, delivered by Kingscourt’s music teacher
  • Super scientists – led by our science specialist
  • Spanish, delivered by Kingscourt’s modern foreign languages teacher
  • Jingle Jangle Rhythm & Rhyme
  • Indoor gym & outdoor games
  • Green gardeners, teaching about how to grow and cultivate plants
  • Our highly experienced Nursery Practitioners work together to deliver daily opportunities for phonics, number time, art, craft and messy play, IT skills and digital safety, outdoor play and reading time


This is something that is a focus for modern parents, ensuring that your child has a healthy relationship with food and is being provided with the nutrition they need to be able to grow and learn. If food is being provided for your child as part of their care, be sure to check the menus and the quality of food being served.
At Kingscourt, we work closely with our catering partner, Thomas Franks Ltd,  and have developed an excellent programme to encourage a positive attitude throughout the school of the value of a balanced diet.  We offer all children a varied and exciting series of menus using quality locally sourced ingredients that reflect current research into an optimum diet for primary school aged children. You can learn more about the food at our school here.


The school’s values should match your family’s. During their formative years is when habits and certain traits are formed. You will want to make sure that the school is passionate and holds the same values as yourself to ensure these skills are practised not only at home but also at school.

We have a sturdy ethos at Kingscourt – we want to build a real partnership between parents and school. Kingscourt is built on the firm foundations of the basic skills – English, Maths and Science – but we are also a school with a clear vision of the future. We constantly review our curriculum and technology provision with the future in mind so that we can fully prepare our children with the skills they will need when they leave us.  But we also enjoy the very traditional values of kindness, respect, discipline and responsibility which makes Kingscourt the nurturing yet challenging school it has always been.

Wrap around care

As a busy parent, you may need some flexibility in terms of the hours of care provided. If an early drop off or a delayed pick up would be something that would highly benefit you and your family, check to see what provisions are available.

We provide an Early Morning Session, After School Club and Breakfast Club which you can learn more about here.

Now these are not by any means the only things to look at when choosing the right preschool – but they are a good starting point. You may also want to review inspection results, learning support and pastoral care information. The most important thing to keep at the top of your priority list is if your child will be happy.

We would love to tell you more about our nursery and better still show you. You can order a prospectus or come and visit us to find out more about our wonderful private nursery.